Ziegler Design Group


Dan MoriarityPresident-Radix Construction Services

I have worked with Paula on numerous projects over the last 20 years. She is always very professional, responsive and helpful to the entire team. If any issues arise that may impact the design, she works with the entire team for a solution, while not jeopardizing the aesthetics and concept that her and the client have aspired to. As a General Contractor that is refreshing and makes the project flow much smoother. I am always thrilled to hear Paula is part of the project team!

Margi Abu TalebOwner, Maya Del Sol

I have had the opportunity to work with Paula during several phases of design for our restaurant.

Paula has done a wonderful job in selecting the lighting for our interior space and was responsible for creating our outdoor patio space with a full bar and 180 seats.

The outdoor space was especially fun to work on with Paula as she selected tile, lighting and a color palette for the space that is now considered one of the best patio's in the Chicagoland area.

Paula has the unique ability to translate your vision into reality. She meets you where you are in terms of how you want the space to look and feel. I find when working with designers it is hard to convey your vision for a space so it requires a person who listens well and asks questions to get it "right". Paula does this... she listens and translates your vision into reality.

Beth KuczeraPresident, Equipment Dynamics Inc.

I have served on many Restaurant teams where Paula Ziegler was the Interior Designer. She brought inspired vision, great attention to detail, and her follow through and coordination were exceptional. I admired her work so much that I contracted her to help with the Interior Design of my home!

Eric MahnTriMark Marlinn, Director of Design Development

I’ve had the pleasure of knowing Paula for the last 19 years! She being on the interior design side, and myself being on the food service side, we don’t always cross paths, but when we do it makes for a great project. Paula’s work is top notch. Her responsiveness is timely, ideas are sharp, details are clean and informative. She has the patience of a saint, and also happens to be one of the kindest folks you will ever meet. A true asset to any team if you ask me. I always keep Paula in mind when the opportunity arises.

Adam RochmanVice President, Wildfire and Big Bowl Restaurants

As an operator with Wildfire, a Lettuce Entertain You Restaurant, I have had the pleasure of working with Paula and Ziegler Design Group on countless projects, both small and large. Paula's eye for design, color, style, and scale have helped create spaces that have inarguably contributed to our success, and are beloved by our guests. Beyond aesthetics, Paula looks at our operational needs and opportunities to create solutions that work.  When required, she has helped us with improvements when costs were of particular concern, and have created spaces of beauty and function, regardless of budget. Without exception Paula's work is coordinated and completed with a noteworthy level of professionalism and conscientiousness. And on a personal note, we simply love working with Paula. She is thoughtful and honest and cares for our business as if it were her own.